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Reisoğlu was founded in 1947 by Sait and Ahmet Necati Yilmaz brothers in Kozahan, Bursa. In the beginning, the company was only marketing tulle curtain in Turkish market, which then enabled Yilmaz brothers to start production of tulle curtains. They became the first industrialists of our country. In 1952, Reisoğlu factory, which was continued by Sait Yılmaz in Yıldırım district, then in 1985, it was moved to Organized Industrial Zone, the address it still maintains.


As of December 2016, Reisoğlu is exporting about 40% of its production and the rest is serving the internal market. Countries we export to are; Czech Republic, United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Qatar, Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Poland, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Singapore , Jordan, Turkmenistan, Spain, France, Canada, Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands.


Reisoğlu is one of the most established textile companies in Turkey. Since its foundation, the company has made many innovations that affected the textile business. It was the one of the first companies which represented our country in 1988 Heimtextil Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The production of knitted garment fabrics, called lace, was made with raschel knitting machines which pioneered most of knitting textile producers in the sector. In 2013, Reisoğlu founded Modafabrik.com, one of the first e-commerce site in related industry, which all the ready made products made in our factory, could be sold to the end-customers.

Integrated Facility

Reisoğlu, who added the dyeing & finishing department in 1993, is an integrated company that carries out its production from beginning to end. With its 30 thousand square meters of indoor space, 230 employees and social media accounts with a total of 30 thousand followers all around the World, Reisoglu gives a direction to textile sector. Our production consists of raschel and electronic machines for knitting (narrow width / wide width). In wowen department, we use jacquard and dobby machines.
Reisoğlu has a wide product range which includes tulle, wowen curtain, ready-made curtain, upholstery fabric, table cloth, tablemats, table runners, kitchen apron, decorative pillows, home textile products and various kind of fabrics for ladies top clothing.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the main factors behind Reisoğlu’s success is the customer satisfaction. We believe that in order to get ahead in today’s market, the skill and speed of communication with your customers is crutial. Our customers who work with us bin Turkey or abroad usually prefer us due to our ability to fulfill their wishes and solving their problems in the fastest possible way.

Social Responsibility

As Reisoğlu, we are a company that has adopted the principle of bringing in the people in the region that we live in.
We fulfill these responsibilities with Turkan & Sait Yilmaz Anatolian High School in Bursa Orhaneli district, and perform every year Orhaneli traditional health festival and traditional Ramadan feast.

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